Good Evening,

It is an honor and a pleasure to be here amongst all of you, as I directly understand the benefit of the Roseville Scholarship award we are celebrating tonight—being a 1996 recipient myself. A $1,000 scholarship is of real benefit to any fledgling student entering the world of higher education; and we are blessed to be able to offer this financial sustenance to many of our deserving young scholars here in Roseville.

Let us all take a moment to reflect on the good fortune of being able to share an evening together with such an outstanding group of people, assembled in support of a very worthy cause—the Roseville Scholarship Foundation. It is caring people such as those gathered here who make Roseville a truly great district in which to work

Tonight, we treasure the individual and collective donations offered to this foundation, and ask that the intentions, spirit, and determination exhibited this year be regularly replenished to maintain this effort for the outstanding recipients in years yet to come.

As we embrace this evening of food, drink, music, and solidarity, let us ask the Lord to bless the wonderful meal we are about to enjoy; and this good company of friends and colleagues, all of whom come together to aid the Roseville Scholarship endeavor and the goodwill that it brings to our community.

For all of this, we give our thanks.