Mr. Hansen, Mathematics, 2013-14

Prob & Stats assignments

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Week 12, Trimester A

Wed 11/20
1.) Final Exam!

Tue 11/19
1.) Class does not meet today.

Mon 11/18
1.) Continue working through Final Exam Review Guide!
2.) Here is Final Exam Review Key.

Week 11, Trimester A

Fri 11/15
1.) Continue working through Final Exam Review Guide!

Thu 11/14
1.) Some students finish up with 7.1 Problem Set or ask questions on it. Collected.
2.) Assign: Final Exam Review Guide.

Wed 11/13
1.) Students given time to work on Problem Set 7.1 - Normal Distribution.

Tue 11/12
1.) Had select students share their observations about the IQ normal distribution.
2.) Notes and examples on Normal; Distribution. Worked through packet examining the concept and examples.
3.) To be continued tomorrow.

Mon 11/11
1.) Limited time due to late-start schedule.
2.) Introduce IQ normal distribution and ask students how to read the distribution. Asked students to write two observations about the IQ distribution.

Week 10, Trimester A

Fri 11/8
1.) Students asked questions on yesterdays Discount and Tax assignment.
2.) Nathan taught the class the remainder of the assignment.

Thu 11/7
1.) Students requested help with percent increase/decrease scenarios. Taught how to include tax, tips, discounts, and back out sales tax if needed.
2.) Assignment: Discount and Tax worksheet.

Wed 11/6
1.) Give students one more cryptogram to solve. See attached.

Tue 11/5
1.) No school due to Election Day.

Mon 11/4
1.) Short Lesson on solving Cryptograms by using letter frequency.
2.) Use this packet to investigate and solve the attached cryptogram!

Week 9, Trimester A

Fri 11/01
1.) Students create two secret messages and exchange for two other students to decode (using inverse matrix.)
2.) Students create poll for class. Use results to make a circle graph.

Thu 10/31
1.) Work on cryptography Matrices. Encode “I am hungry” using coding matrix and then decode using inverse. Teach on TI-84 calculators.
2.) Students decode secret message of “Halloween.”
3.) Students crete own example of secret message for tomorrow…

Wed 10/30
1.) Students given time to work on Problem Set 5.1
2.) Due tomorrow.

Tue 10/29
1.) Complete notes/examples on Section 5.1
2.) Completed Circle graph and pictograph problems with class.
3.) Students complete #1 and 2 in the 5.1 Problem Set. Continue tomorrow.

Mon 10/28
1.) Begin Chapter 5: Data
2.) Read Section 5.1 in course pack and complete the two bar graphs.
3.) To be continued tomorrow.

Week 8, Trimester A

Fri 10/25
1.) Mr. Hansen out today.
2.) Students get tests back and make corrections.
3.) Addendum, 4 questions, are attached to back of test. To be completed for reinstatement of credit.

Thu 10/24
1.) Test on Chapter 2!

Wed 10/23
1.) Finish up Chapter 2 review. Answer all student questions.
2.) Test tomorrow on Chapter 2.

Tue 10/22
1.) Students continue to work on Chapter 2 review.
2.) Answer Key provided for first 9 problems.
3.) Test pushed back until Thursday.

Mon 10/21
1.) Limited time due to late-start day.
2.) Students work on Chapter 2 review.
3.) Test Wednesday.

Week 7, Trimester A

Fri 10/18
1.) Assigned Section 2.6 Problem Set - Chapter Review.
2.) Students will be given time to finish on Monday.
3.) Chapter 2 Test next Wednesday.

Thu 10/17
1.) Went through difficult problems on Set 2.5 - students needed more time to work.

Wed 10/16
1.) Half day - 30 min class due to MEAP testing.
2.) Continued with Section 2-5 Problem Set.

Tue 10/15
1.) Finished up the examples from section 2.5.
2.) Assigned Problems 1-3 from Problem Set 2.5. Will finish tomorrow.

Mon 10/14
1.) Finished up last two problems on Problem Set 2.4. Collected.
2.) Began Notes/Examples on Section 2.4: Conditional Probabilities. Completed Examples 1 &2. To be continued...

Week 6, Trimester A

Fri 10/11
1.) Assignment: Section 2-4 Problem Set.

Thu 10/10
1.) Discussed the increasing difficulty of our probabilities to solve and thus the need to have organized, systematic methods available. 2.) Completed all examples on Section 2-4 Notes. Created a lot of probability trees.

Wed 10/09
1.) Went through all solutions to yesterday's Chapter 2 Review: Sections 2-1 thru 2-3.
2.) Began Section 2-4. To be continued tomorrow.

Tue 10/08
1.) Took a lot of questions on yesterday's assignment: Problem Set 2.3 extra.
2.) Review time! Chapter 2 Review: Sections 2-1 thru 2-3 .

Mon 10/07
1.) Took a lot of questions on Problem Set 2.3
2.) Assignment: Problem Set 2.3 extra.

Week 5, Trimester A

Fri 10/04
1.) Assignment: Problem Set 2.3

Thu 10/03
1.) Collected prior assignment.
2.) Thorough notes on Section 2.3 - dissected all examples. Assignment to follow tomorrow.

Wed 10/02
1.) Answer questions on yesterday's assignment: Problem Set 2.2
2.) More practice with 2.2: Probability with Compound Events Practice.

Tue 10/01
1.) Finish last three examples from yesterday's 2.2 notes.
2.) Assignment: Problem Set 2.2

Mon 9/30
1.) Answer all student questions on Section 2.1 Extra Practice.
2.) Begin section 2.2 in Course Pack. Go through examples and practice Compound, Dependent, and Independent Events. To be continued tomorrow.

Week 4, Trimester A

Fri 9/27
1.) Went through solutions to Section 2.1 Problem Set. Collected.
2.) More practice with basic probability: Section 2.1 Extra Practice.

Thu 9/26
1.) Class did not meet due to special testing schedule.

Wed 9/25
1.) Assignment: Section 2.1 Problem Set. Due Friday.

Tue 9/24
1.) Began Chapter 2: Basic Probabilities.
2.) Students read Section 2.1 in course pack. Went through all four examples and assigned first page of practice problems. To be continued tomorrow.

Mon 9/23
1.) Returned Chapter 1 Test. Lack of time due to last-start schedule.
2.) Tomorrow begins Chapter 2.

Week 3, Trimester A

Fri 9/20
1.) Administered Exam on Chapter 1: Counting Methods.
2.) Will be graded by Monday.

Thu 9/19
1.) Went through answers to yesterday's Section 1.6 Chapter Review.
2.) Assignment: Chapter One Unit Review worksheet.
3.) Gave answer key to those interested.
4.) Test is tomorrow!

Wed 9/18
1.) Went through answers to yesterday's Problem Set 1.5.
2.) Last section: 1.6 in Course Pack. Chapter Review!
3.) Assignment: Problem Set 1.6. 4.) Will check thoroughly tomorrow. Test Friday!!

Tue 9/17
1.) Begin section 1.5 in Course Pack. Go through examples and practice mixed combinations and permutations.
2.) Assignment: Problem Set 1.5.

Mon 9/16
1.) Begin section 1.4 in Course Pack. Go through Notes and Lecture on Combinations.
2.) Assignment: Problem Set 1.4.

Week 2, Trimester A

Fri 9/13
1.) Warm-up: Students calculate permutations of the words "FUN" and "BEE." Discover that you have to remove the duplicate letters in situations like "BEE."
2.) Assignment: Set 1.3 Extra Practice.

Thu 9/12
1.) Quick review on concept of permutations, why formulas work, and difference between Counting Principle and Permutations.
2.) Assignment: Problem Set 1.3. Completed in class and verified all solutions.

Wed 9/11
1.) Begin section 1.3 in Course Pack. Go through Notes and Lecture on Permutations.
2.) We will work on the Problem Set tomorrow in class.

Tue 9/10
1.) Answer all student questions on Set 1.2 Problems, and discuss how "pizza problem" doesn't really fit the Counting Principle section.
2.) Assign Extra Fundamental Counting Principle practice worksheet.

Mon 9/09
1.) Begin section 1.2 in Course Pack. Go through Notes and Lecture on Fundamental Counting Principle.
2.) Assign Problem Set 1.2

Week 1, Trimester A

Fri 9/06
1.) Go through solutions to Problem Set 1.1. Collect.
2.) Administer Trimester A pre-Test.

Thu 9/05
1.) Collect syllabus signature slips.
2.) Begin section 1.1 in Course Pack. Go through Notes and Lecture.
3.) Assign Problem Set 1.1

Wed 9/04
1.) Take attendance and quick debriefing on yesterday's assignment.
2.) Students receive course syllabus. Needs to be signed and returned no later than this Friday.
3.) Class discussion on how Probability drives our decisions in life and common misconceptions regarding probability.
4.) Notes on "Probability - A Measure of Uncertainty." Read together and students assign (see attached) probability values to common events.

Tue 9/03
1.) Welcome students back to RHS.
2.) Introduction, words of encouragement. Short video clip on Economic Justice.
3.) Short assignment - five questions to get students thinking. Collected.
4.) Tomorrow: Syllabus, procedures, etcetera!