Mr. Hansen, Mathematics, 2013-14

Advanced Algebra 2 assignments

Week 11, Trimester C

Tue 6/10
1.) Review for Final Exam and Final Exam at the end of the school day!
2.) We’re done! - Have a fantastic summer!!!

Mon 6/09
1.) 4th Hour does not meet.

Week 10, Trimester C

Fri 6/06
1.) Students given period to work on Final Review Packet.
2.) Students may check their answers by clicking here.

Thu 6/05
1.) Students given half of the period to complete prior assignment from this week.
2.) Students then assigned Trimester 3 Final Review Guide assignment.

Wed 6/04
1.) Begin section 7-6: Identifying Conic Sections.
2.) Students receive handout regarding how to identify conic sections via their equations.
3.) Assignment 1:
Conic Sections skills practice worksheet.
4.) Assignment 2: Kuta Classifying Conic Sections.

Tue 6/03
1.) Begin comprehensive Review of Chapter 7: Conic Sections. Students work at individual pace.
2.) Assignment 1: Chapter 7 review worksheet, part 1.
3.) Assignment 2: Chapter 7 Review, part 2 worksheet.
4.) Students also expected to complete Monday’s assignment.

Mon 6/02
1.) Review Eclipses and Hyperbolas!
2.) Assignment: Eclipse the Hyperbole review.

Week 9, Trimester C

Fri 5/30
1.) Reiterate Hyperbola features: Equation of Asymptotes, Conjugate and Tranverse Axis of Hyperbolas.
2.) Assignment: 7-5 Hyperbola 1-5.

Thu 5/29
1.) Finish Hyperbola Powerpoint notes.
2.) Continue working on yesterday's assignment: Kuta Graphing Hyperbolas.

Wed 5/28
1.) Begin section 7-6: Hyperbolas.
2.) Show class a powerpoint show on graphing hyperbolas from an equation. Click here to view the handout version.
3.) Completed the examples--on graph paper--as explained via the powerpoint show.
4.) Also provided a detailed Notes sheet on the hyperbola .
5.) Assignment: Kuta Graphing Hyperbolas.

Tue 5/27
1.) Extend ideas of ellipse. Application / Story Problems: 7-4 Ellipse MORE. Due Tomorrow.
2.) Also due tomorrow: Take-Home Quiz: Circles and Ellipses .
3.) Students given more time to work on ellipse assignments and ask questions.

Mon 5/26
1.) Many students given Take-Home Test who were absent on Friday.
2.) Took questions on packet from Friday. Wrapped that up.

Week 8, Trimester C

Fri 5/23
1.) Students given more time to work on ellipse assignments and ask questions.
2.) Here are some of the answers to the Ellipse packet.
3.) Take-Home Quiz: Circles and Ellipses. Due Tuesday!

Thu 5/22
1.) Students given time to ask questions and work on all ellipse assignments.

Wed 5/21
1.) Take questions on yesterday's assignment Section 7-4 Ellipse Review.
2.) Assign page two and three of this packet.
3.) Assignment: Kuta: Graphing Ellipses.

Tue 5/20
1.) Continue with Section 7-4: Ellipses. Go over problem #4 from last night's homework.
2.) Warm-up: Ellipse Warm-up. 15 minutes & check.
3.) Assignment Section 7-4 Ellipse Review.

Mon 5/19
1.) Begin Section 7-4: Ellipses.
2.) Students given Guided Notes worksheet on Ellipses. This includes all the pertinent information on the equation, foci, center, and axes of the ellipse! Click here for a completed version of the notes.
3.) Students also given additional notes sheet .
4.) Practice working with the equations of the ellipse. Students receive 7-4 Study Guide.

Week 7, Trimester C

Fri 5/16
1.) Wrap up Circles Day!
2.) Complete the following in their entirety:
- 7-3 Practice Worksheet
- Convert to Standard Form Worksheet.
- Graphing Circles Worksheet

Thu 5/15
1.) Teach students how to “Complete the Square.”
2.) Work through Packet on completing the square.
3.) Assignment: Convert to Standard Form Worksheet.

Wed 5/14
1.) Continue with Notes/Examples on Section 7-3: Circles See attached.
2.) Short warm-up revisiting yesterday's concepts.
3.) Assignment: 7-3 Practice Worksheet. Completed all examples except ones requiring “Completing the Square.” We will learn that technique tomorrow!

Tue 5/13
1.) Introduce Chapter 7: Conic Sections
2.) Notes/Examples on Section 7-3: Circles See attached.

Mon 5/12
1.) Take questions on Friday’s assignment on Binomial Expansion: 11-8 Skills Worksheet.
2.) Additionally assign problems #21-26
3.) Students also given time to work on Take Home Test. Due Wednesday.

Week 6, Trimester C

Fri 5/09
1.) Mr. Hansen out proctoring AP Test today.
2.) Assignment on Binomial Expansion: 11-8 Skills Worksheet. #10-20 Even only.
3.) Also assign Take Home Test on Sequence and Series Unit.

Thu 5/08
1.) Teach students relationship between Pascal's Triangle and Binomial expansion coefficients. See notes from Wednesday. Practiced several examples. Assignment to follow tomorrow.

Wed 5/07
1.) Q&A on 11-6 Skills Worksheet. Collected.
2.) Show students Pascal's Triangle. Students asked to identify at least three patterns. Students also asked to explain how Pascal's rows relate to the coefficients of Binimial expansions. We will apply this tomorrow to The Binomial Theorem.

Tue 5/06
1.) Students needed more modeling to grasp recursion. Work through 11-6 Redux assignment to remediate.
2.) Assignment: 11-6 Skills Worksheet.

Mon 5/05
1.) Begin Section 11-6: Recursion & Iterations.
2.) Notes/Examples on Section 11-6. See attached. To be continued…

Week 5, Trimester C

Fri 5/02
1.) Mr. Hansen not in today.
2.) Assignment: Chapter 11 Ultimate Review, part 1.

Thu 5/01
1.) Administer 11-5 reboot assignment to make sure students really understand the essence of Infinite Geometric Series.
2.) Teach students how to convert repeating decimals to fractions using infinite geometric series formula. Completed examples from the textbook.
3.) Assignment: Section 11-5 Practice Worksheet. Due tomorrow.

Wed 4/30
1.) Begin Section 11-5: Infinite Geometric Series.
2.) Notes/Examples on Infinite Geometric Series. See attached.
3.) Assignment to follow tomorrow…

Tue 4/29
1.) Go through solutions to Section 11-1 through 11-4 review worksheet.
2.) Quiz on Sections 11-3 & 11-4.

Mon 4/28
1.) Take questions on Friday's assignment: 11-4 Skills Worksheet. Evens only.
2.) Review Assignment: Section 11-1 through 11-4 review worksheet.

Week 4, Trimester C

Fri 4/25
1.) Complete Notes/Examples on Section 11-4: Geometric Series.
2.) Assignment: 11-4 Skills Worksheet. Evens only.

Thu 4/24
1.) Begin Notes/Examples on Section 11-4: Geometric Series . Walk students through derivation of the sum formula. To be continued...

Wed 4/23
1.) Go through Q&A for yesterday’s assignment: 11-3 Skills Worksheet AND 11-3 Application problems.
2.) Follow-up assignment: Lesson 3 Homework - Geometric Sequences.

Tue 4/22
1.) Assignment: 11-3 Skills Worksheet AND 11-3 Application problems.

Mon 4/21
1.) Returned papers and quiz from last week.
2.) Begin section 11-3: Geometric Sequence.
3.) Notes on Geometric Sequences. See attached. Assignment to follow tomorrow…

Week 3, Trimester C

Fri 4/18
1.) No School - Good Friday!

Thu 4/17
1.) Finish up yesterday’s Word Problems; Get questions answered.
2.) summative Quiz on 11-1/2: Arithmetic Sequences and Series!

Wed 4/16
1.) Students given class time to work on word problems involving Aithmetic Sequences and Series. Download here.

Tue 4/15
1.) Go through solutions to yesterday's assignment: 11-2 Skills Worksheet.
2.) Teach students Sigma notation for Arithmetic Series.
3.) Assign remainder of yesterday’s 11-2 Skills Worksheet .
4.) Optional, want more practice?: Section 11-2 Word Problems and Kuta Arithmetic Series worksheet.

Mon 4/14
1.) Finish examples regarding section 11-2: Arithmetic Series. Detailed Notes/Examples on how to derive Arithmetic Series Sum.
2.) Assignment: 11-2 Skills Worksheet. #1-16 only. Due tomorrow.

Week 2, Trimester C

Fri 4/04
1.) Provide answers to yesterday's 11-1 Skills Practice Worksheet, odds. Answer all student questions.
2.) Move along to section 11-2: Arithmetic Series. Detailed Notes/Examples on how to derive Arithmetic Series Sum. To be continued after break…

Thu 4/03
1.) Go through solutions to yesterday’s assignment.
2.) Assign remainder of assignment.
3.) Additional assignment: 11-1 Skills: Arithmetic Sequences. Due tomorrow.

Wed 4/02
1.) Begin section 11-1: Arithmetic Sequences. Notes/Examples on arithmetic sequences, derivation and usage of the formula. Completed various problems from the textbook (see notes).
2.) Assignment: 11-1 Practice: Arithmetic Sequences. Complete #1-20. Due tomorrow.

Tue 4/01
1.) Quiz on Section 9-5 Rational Equations.

Mon 3/31
1.) Finish working on application problems from section 9-5.
2.) Quiz tomorrow on 9-5: Rational Equations.

Week 1, Trimester C

Fri 3/28
1.) Begin working on application problems from section 9-5.
2.) Assignment: Applications of Rational Equations. Work on Part C.

Thu 3/27
1.) Last assignment to finish up 9-5 core concepts: Rational Equations 9-5 from back of textbook.

Wed 3/26
1.) Go through solutions to yesterday's assignment: Rational Equations Skills Worksheet. #1- 10only.
2.) Assignment is to finish remainder of worksheet exercises. Due tomorrow.

Tue 3/25
1.) Began notes on final section from Chapter 9, 9-5: Rational equations.
2.) Initial Notes/Examples on rational functions.
3.) Assignment: Rational Equations Skills Worksheet. #1- 10only.

Mon 3/24
1.) Beginning of 3rd Trimester. Welcome students.
2.) Administer Trimester C pre-test.
3.) Give students 3 rational expression problems from last exam to gauge retention.